Molecular Imaging


At Quadra we are constantly upgrading our technology to provide rapid and accurate assessment of every patient’s condition so that the right treatment can be delivered swiftly and effectively by specialists.



The Discovery* IQ platform is increasingly sensitive to detecting small forms of disease and built to provide consistent quantitative SUV measurements so you can trust what you see, making it an essential tool in providing personalized care for disease detection through treatment assessment.

What’s new?

  • NEW LightBurst Detector delivers the highest sensitivity of any PET/CT enabling excellent image quality with fast scans at low doses for greater patient comfort and care.
  • NEW Q.Clear Reconstruction – Delivering consistent quantitative SUV measurements enabling fast and efficient reading for greater confidence in evaluating a patient’s response to cancer treatment.
  • Sharp IR (Point Spread Function Reconstruction Technology) – Enhances visual contrast in whole body & brain images by incorporating resolution modeling in the iterative reconstruction.
  • 4D Respiratory Gating with Q.Static – Represents a starting point for adding motion correction techniques to the facility & opportunity to build towards a full 4D phase matched workflow.
  • Multi Organ Perfussion, viz., Brain, Cardiac, Whole Body Scan and more to fulfil any medical requirement.
  • NEW System DesignLargest Axial Field-of-View in the Industry
  • Enables scanning in the fewest possible bed positions
  • Scans full organ, such as thorax respiratory MotionFree study in < 4 minutes
  • Allows for greater throughput and workflow efficienciesHighest NEMA Sensitivity in the Industry
  • Delivers excellent image quality using ASIR (Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstuction Algorithm) which allows reduced mA in acquisition of image, hence reducing PET injected dose and reduced scan time as compared to conventional systems.
  • Offers outstanding small lesion detectability as low as 1.9 mm.Highest Clinical NECR in the Industry
  • Optimized for oncology practices such as 68Ga, 11C, and 82Rb and more.
  • Dual Acquisition Channels
  • Provides highest quantitative accuracy post NECR peak via innovative Dual Acquisition Channels The 5 detector rings is built to optimize clinical performance by delivering technologies to help provide the best possible patient outcomes.

Dual Head Spect CT Scan System


Hawkeye technology has been tested and proven to deliver:

  • Superb image quality
  • Exceptional clinical diagnostic accuracy
  • Highly accurate SPECT/CT registration and attenuation correction
  • Outstanding workflow efficiency and productivity
  • Minimal patient dose
  • Reduced total cost of ownership and siting requirements
  • Evolution™ resolution recovery, delivering ½ time acquisition and enhanced image quality for bone and cardiac SPECT scans
  • Volumetrix Suite registration and 3D fusion with existing CT scans

Advanced new features of the Infinia Hawkeye 4 include:

The ability to perform cardiac and bone SPECT scans at ½ dose, The ability to acquire whole-body bone scans in ½ the time or ½ the dose, Enhanced motion detection and correction.

The Infinia Hawkeye 4 provides you with the ability to significantly lower the dose and patient exposure in both SPECT and CT modes while maintaining full resolution and image quality for nuclear scans localization and attenuation correction.

Innovations to improve the overall patient experience include Optional Evolution™ algorithms enable ½ dose Tc-99m Bone or Cardiac SPECT scans without compromising image quality, The ultra-low CT patient dose results from Infinia Hawkeye 4’s operation on as low as 1.0 to 2.5 mA combined with its “half-scan” 240- degree irradiation during each 360-degree rotation.