Meet Our Doctors

Meet Our Doctors

Our highly experienced Consultants cover a wide range of medical diagnostics to give our patients the highest quality of services and care.


Our Radiologists are highly recognized in their respective fields

Dr. Pinak Pani Bhattacharyya

Dr. Mukund R. Shah

Dr. Chaturbhuj Lal Rajak

Dr. Sunetra Mukherjee

Dr. Manoj Jain

Dr. Snehasis Sarkar

Dr. Bhaswati Mukherjee

Dr. Santanu Mitra

Dr. Madhuban Ray

Dr. Sonali Suri

Nuclear Medicine

Our Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine specialists are constantly developing new scanning protocols to give the highest quality reports

Dr. Somnath Pandey

Dr. Sonali Ghosh

Ms. Shilpi Kumari

Cardiac Services

Our top-ranked Cardiologists help to diagnose and treat a variety of heart conditions and help patients manage their heart conditions to lead productive lives

Dr. Dipankar Dutta

Dr. Rajat Dutta

Dr. Arup Banerjee

Dr. Nikhileswar Khawash

Dr. Indira Banerjee

Laboratory Services

Our departments of Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Cytology, Histopathology, Haematology, Serology, Microbiology and Biochemistry are led by experts in their respective fields

Dr. Asish Kr Datta

Dr. Kumkum Bhattacharyya

Dr. Saurabh Laskar

Dr. Subhasis Basu

Dr. Manas Muhury

Dr. Trishna Sengupta

Dr. Rina Chanda

Dr. Sukanya Hazra


Knowledge and technology in Gastoenterology has grown massively in the last two decades and branched into several sub-specialities which are handled with expertise by our world-class team using state-of-the-art technology

Dr. Kshaunish Das

Dr. Debashis Misra


Our Neurology Department is fully armed to provide diagnosis of neurological ailments.

Dr. Deep Das